If more of us valued food
and cheer and song above hoarded gold,
it would be a merrier world.

J. R. R. Tolkien
British scholar & fantasy novelist (1892 - 1973)


We know value is important to you. That's why we do everything we can to provide quality meals at a reasonable price. 

               We offer a Preferred Customer Program 

Sign up for the next month at your current session and receive an 8% discount your next session.  Signing up for the third consecutive month* earns you a 9% discount and on your fourth consecutive month*, you receive a 10% discount.  As long as you keep signing up for next month*, you will continue to receive your  Preferred Customer discount of 10%   (which is our largest discount).

      *must sign up during your current session for the next month

Package   self assemble

Total Price

Per Dinner 

 Per Serving

10 Dinners (Each Dinner feeds 4 to 6)*




10 Dinners (Each Dinner feeds 2 to 3)*




6 Dinners (Each Dinner feeds 4 to 6)*




6 Dinners (Each Dinner feeds 2  to 3)*

Single Dinners (Each Dinner feeds 2 to 3)*

Single Dinners (Each Dinner feeds 4 to 6)*










* Additional dinners can be purchased for a per dinner price.  Add as many as  2 to your order of 6 or 4 to your order of 10 

* Have company coming for dinner, or kids home from college?  You can add two servings to any dinner which would take a dinner feeding 2-3 to a dinner feeding 4-6, or a dinner feeding 4-6 to a dinner feeding 6-9.  Spend time with your guests, not in the kitchen.

Time Too Savor is a convenient and cost-effective way to provide your family with a variety of delicious meals with a special touch.

Compare the cost of Time Too Savor to these
common alternatives:

  • Chinese Take-out for Four: $41 ($9.99/serving)
  • Dinner for Four at a Family Restaurant:
    $61.00 ($15.25/serving)
  • Fast Food for Four: $36 ($9.00/serving)

Can't spare 1 or 2 hours?
We'll prepare your meals for you so that you can
pick them up at your convenience. Cost for pre-assembly is $30 for 10 meals, $18 for 6 meals.